How Can You Get Car Insurance After A DUI?

No matter how expensive your insurance policies are, they cannot save you from paying fines due to traffic offenses such as speeding, careless driving, or DUI (Driving under Influence). A DUI ticket is considered a major offense since you put your life and everybody else’s into risk deliberately. You need to pay high fines depending on how serious the offense is. In case you are at fault in an accident when you are driving under influence of alcohol, you may get your driver license and vehicle registration suspended. Car insurance companies usually check your driving records before they can determine the next step. Insurers will consider the severity of the offense, your risk as driver, and economic demographics before they raise your premium rate, transfer you to high-risk class, or simply cancel your policy. Insurers will use those variables in different ways; some companies rank DUI a less of a risk compared to at-fault accident.

Providing coverage to high-risk driver is as well a risky business for insurer. They consider you a high-risk driver with a tendency to get involved or cause accidents. Once your policy is cancelled, you will need to find a new insurer which does provide high risk policy. Once again, depending on how serious the DUI is, you probably can still get cheap auto insurance quotes. A DUI at low speed as your drive from bar located not very far from your home will affect the driving record differently with a fatal accident at high speed while you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How to get car insurance after my policy is cancelled?

There are some possible scenarios concerning your DUI ticket. Being pulled over and signing tickets are not admission of guilt. Please put in mind that you can always contest the charge in court at a later date. You can call an independent insurance agent to discuss how it will affect your insurance policy or rates. If your current insurance company cannot provide high-risk policy, it is best to find a new insurer who can. Nevertheless, you must try to fight the charge to get rid of the offense from driving record; clean records make it easier to find new insurer. Some considerations to put into account before trying to get insured again are as follows.

1. This is not going to be an easy process

As previously mentioned, some insurance companies cannot afford providing coverage for high-risk driver; this means you have very limited options. If you are proven guilty of a DUI offense, some big names in insurance industries may not even give you coverage for at least three years because DUI ticket will stay on your record for at least three years too. Before the ticket is removed, it will affect your car insurance estimate.

2. Contest the charge if possible

If the DUI offense is only considered a misdemeanor, not a felony, a good attorney will be able to reduce or even completely drop the charge so you can come out clean. The ticket will not appear on your record, and you can easily find a new insurer. Clean record is an indicator that you are a safe-driver or the preferred class of insurance customer. It should be easy for you to get affordable car insurance from any company. When the charge is reduced, the record is likely to appear on the record anyway. As a consequence, you will pay less expensive fines, but your insurance rates will likely to increase.

3. Accept the consequences and take punitive actions appropriately

The most common restitution is paying fines or conducting community services. There are plenty of community services such as diversion program, taking driving courses, etc. DUI ticket is an addition of the actual reason you are pulled over by an officer, so you have to pay fines for every offense accordingly. You need to know about SR-22 form as well. SR-22 is a form used as a proof of insurance. It is issued by your insurance company to verify that you are indeed insured. SR-22 is only required in DUI case, your license gets suspended due to any reason, you are at fault in accidents, or you are caught driving without insurance.

Use a car insurance calculator online to compare premium rates from company to company, but you need to use a calculator that has driving record as a variable. If your policy is cancelled completely by your current insurer, your best bet is to find high-risk insurer to provide coverage. Some of the big names you may want to consider are Geigo, Progressive, and The General Insurance. Note, however, you have to pay high insurance premium rate. Any of them will give full coverage auto insurance, but you have to pay higher premium rates considering you are now high-risk driver. You may get to pay cheaper when the driving the record is finally cleaned.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Explained

Comprehensive automobile insurance is an important type of coverage that provides a broad range of protection, including most cases of physical damage that happens to your vehicle that does not involve an accident with another car. This is frequently referred to as OTC or other than collision ins. You will hear some agents and brokers shorten the word to just “comp” but it means the same thing. So if your car is damaged in other than collision situations, comprehensive will kick in and cover you for damages.

There are 2 basic elements to automobile insurance

These are liability coverage and the second is physical damages. In almost every state in the U.S liability insurance is mandatory by law. This important component of insurance gives you coverage when bodily injuries have occurred or even death after an auto accident and you were found responsible for the incident. Coverage for physical damages can be optional, depending on numerous factors such as if you own or finance your vehicle. It provides coverage for vehicle repairs or replacement after a collision or an event that occurred while you were operating the vehicle.

There are two categories within “physical damages” you have the option to purchase on your policy. These are collision and comprehensive insurance. As the name implies, collision ins will cover you after you’ve been involved in a driving accident and caused damage to your car. This could be hitting another vehicle, someone running you off the road and hitting a tree and countless other possible scenarios. Having collision protection will pay for the repairs that are needed to your car or if it’s totaled, the replacement value. If you have a newer car worth more than $10,000, it is smart to get collision insurance because vehicles are expensive to repair and replace. If on the other hand, your automobile is only worth $2,000 or thereabouts, it might be smart just to get liability only and put the savings in the bank.

An easy way to remember what comprehensive insurance covers is things that happen to your car that do not involve another vehicle crash. Many people mistakenly believe that Collision ins covers hitting an animal like a deer while driving. This falls under comprehensive insurance. Most often mother nature or theft comes into play when people file comprehensive claims. This includes flooding or having your car stolen. The most common comprehensive claim incidents include:

* Stolen Vehicle

* Vandalism (tire slashing or “keying the car”)

* Fire

* Hail storm and flooding

* Wind damage

* Windshield Breakage

* Falling objects like tree limbs or construction materials

Always make sure to completely read all the fine print in your policy. You might not be covered for example by vandalism from a family member and in some cases situations involving employees. It is also important to note that almost every insurer will require you to purchase collision insurance prior to getting comprehensive coverage. On the other hand, you can buy collision ins without adding on comprehensive. If you lease or finance your car, you will in all likelihood be required to buy comp car insurance. This is a protective measure the lenders make in order to protect the value of the loan they are making.

The Cost of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Adding comprehensive insurance onto your policy does raise the cost of insuring your vehicle. The rate you pay will depend however on many factors including:

* The age of the driver

* Driving record

* Credit Record

* Marital Status

* Annual Miles Driven

* Home Address

Although this type of extra protection does cost more, there are a couple of tips you can take advantage of to get a lower premium. First, raise your deductible up to $1,500. Having a high deductible will lower your premiums by quite a bit and may even make getting comprehensive ins financially feasible.

The second tip is to compare rate quotes online from top sites like good to go insurance. Good2go will allow you to be in control of the coverage you want, the price you are willing to pay and the company you choose to buy from.

Maybe you are curious as to how much adding this type of protection will cost and just want a fast no obligation quote. You can do so in privacy and see if you can get a rate that fits your budget. Get your free good to go auto insurance quote today and save hundreds.

Parked Vehicle Accidents

Michigan’s No-Fault Law has specific information related to damage to parked vehicles. If you damage a parked car or if your own car is damaged, any repair payments fall under “property damage” of the insurance policy of whatever vehicle hit the parked car. Also, by law, a car rental is included while repairs are being done.

In a perfect world, the individual who is driving and hits a vehicle will stop to identify him/herself and provide insurance information. In this case, the owner of the parked vehicle should file a property damage claim with the other person’s insurance carrier for repairs to be done as well as for rental coverage.

Often, however, there are people that do not stop and admit they hit a vehicle, which results in a “parked hit and run” scenario. If there is no way to ID the suspect driver/vehicle, the owner of the parked car, unfortunately, will have to claim the damage on their own insurance. If collision insurance coverage is on the policy, the damages will be repaired. However, only if one has Rental Reimbursement coverage will rental be offered.

Additionally, if the person who hits a vehicle doesn’t cooperate, insurers will repair a customer’s vehicle (once again, if collision coverage is on the policy) and subrogate against the other insurance carrier for any damage costs and rental if rental reimbursement is carried. If this is not on the policy, the owner of the parked vehicle can do a rental on their own and subrogate for the expense of this as well.

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No Deposit Auto Insurance For Your Car

Did you know that you can get no deposit auto insurance for your car in order to reduce costs on your policy? A lot of people do not ask about ways in which they can save on their insurance and end up paying way too much money. With that said, it is a good idea to always keep in mind what you want out of your insurance policy. You should also know that the type of policy that you are able to get will be reflected upon your past experiences on the road as a driver. If you got a lot of speeding tickets or have had many other traffic violations, then you are probably going to need to pay a depository fee to cover your insurance costs. However, if you have kept a clean record on the road and are a less risky driver, you are probably going to get your deposit waived by your provider.

There are many companies though, that provide no deposit car insurance policies for any customer that wants one. The major upside associated with not having to pay an insurance deposit is that you do not need to worry about your finances in the short term. With that said, some people actually prefer to make a deposit because it reduces the amount of money that they pay in the long run. Does avoiding the act of making a deposit payment save you money? Well, it completely depends on the cost to insure your vehicle.

If you are insuring a vehicle that is considered very expensive, you are going to need to make a larger payment overall, no matter if you get a plan with or without a deposit required. In any matter, it is best to always get in contact with an insurance representative from a company that you are going to buy coverage with or are going to purchase coverage through in order to have your questions answered. A lot of people get confused when they attempt to figure out why they are being charged a high price on their auto insurance coverage. Reviewing why your price is as high as it is will help you understand why you are being charged a certain amount.

It is important to keep in mind that just because you decide to get auto insurance with no deposit required, the price that you pay towards your premiums is probably not going to change. Most insurers give their customers control over how much they would like to pay for both deductibles and premiums. In order to make sure that you are getting an acceptable price on your coverage, it would be a good idea to collect quotes and figure out the companies that are willing to give you the type of policy that you need.

Auto Insurance Company Rankings

Why is it important to search out auto insurance company rankings? How does your car insurance company rank? When you are buying car insurance, you want to make sure that you are getting your coverage from a company with a high ranking in the following areas:

Multiple Coverage Options

Reasonable Rates

Satisfactory Handling of Claims

Good Customer Service

Overall Customer Satisfaction

J.D. Power and Associates Ratings

To learn more about insurance company rankings, visit the J.D. Power Consumer Center online. You will find information about the major insurance companies listed here, including the results of a survey conducted on an annual basis.

State Department of Insurance

Each state sets regulations for insurance companies, and the Department of Insurance web site for your state can provide you with information about the insurers who provide car insurance. Check the appropriate one for your state to find out whether you can access information about consumer complaints for your state. You are looking for the number of complaints that a particular company received per thousand claims it received from clients.

You can also get information about car insurance companies by looking at the Department of Insurance web site for other states. A company with a poor record for resolving customer issues in another location will likely have issues in your state as well.

Don’t Make a Decision on Name Recognition Alone

Simply because a particular insurance company is well known, that doesn’t necessarily mean it offers great customer service. As a conscientious consumer, you need to do your own research before you make a good decision about which company to buy your coverage from.

A company that offers low rates may not be such a bargain if you have a very difficult time reaching someone from the company to answer questions or deal with a concern. You also want to be sure to choose a company that will handle any claims made against your policy promptly and fairly.

Making the Right Choice

Part of the process, when choosing a car insurance company, is to get quotes from a number of different companies. This is a great place to start, and once you have this important information, you can start to rank the companies yourself.

Compile a list of the companies that can offer you the best rates for your coverage. Then make a list with the names of the companies that have the best record as far as avoiding customer complaints is concerned. Compare both lists.

Any company that appears on both of them is one that you will want to follow up on. Even if you are currently happy with the coverage you currently have in place, it will be worth your while to go through this exercise. That way, you will know how your insurance company rates. If you don’t like what you find out, then you can take the appropriate action to purchase new car insurance and find a new company to deal with.

Either way, it is recommended that all auto insurance policy holders compare rates from multiple companies at least once every 6 months to make sure that their rates are competitive and their coverage is sufficient. After all, a few minutes spent in research can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars of savings!